Professional Certifications

Tony Odijie has acquired many certifications but to mention just a few which include below;

1. Web development

2. Android application development

3. Graphics design

4. Cisco CCNA Certified

5. Windows server Adminstration

6. CompTia security sy0-601

7. Ethical Hacking

8. PMP Project Management
9. Principles of Animation10. Introduction to the internet of things
11. Devops
12. Explainable AI Explained

Tony Odijieis a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) have demonstrated knowledge and skills related to network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.
Earners of Cisco CCNA - Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) have

Introduction To The Internet Of Things (IoT) - Revised

The course starts off with introducing me to the history of IoT, i learnt about how the internet and networks have advanced and also the potential changes that IoT can make in the future. I also learnt about the different capabilities that IoT has and how companies can prepare and plan for the future of technologies.

ISO Management System Audit Techniques and Best Practices

The course taught me about auditing plans and team members, and how to review documents, conduct interviews, and verify information. I also learnt how audits are conducted by collecting pieces of evidence and establishing findings, among other methods

Diploma in Human Resources (HR)

This course covers the role of a human resource (HR) manager in dept.

Solar Energy - Solar Technology and Its Use Worldwide

The world is facing an energy crisis: as long as the Earth’s climate temperature and sea levels continue to rise, a solution to save our planet must be found.

Web Page Design Using HTML5 and CSS3

This course gave me an overview of HTML and CSS including their latest versions HTML5 and CSS3. I learnt how to save an HTML file in Notepad and what keys are used to create tags. I studied how to declare an HTML5 document and define the boundaries of an HTML web page. I also learnt how to represent the head section and body section of a web page, cascade style sheets, and use progressive enhancement.

PMP Project Management

Project management is an essential skill for leading and managing projects, with professionals in this area in great demand. Project management is a highly sought-after skill that will help you in advancing your professional career. Different projects have extensive scopes and ranges, which can go from launching a fresh product or organizing a seminar to designing a new brand.

Principles of Animation

This course thought me the fundamentals of animation. In this context, ‘animation’ refers to the process of creating an illusion of motion and change by rapidly displaying a sequence of static images or frames that differ only slightly from one another. This digital art course begins with an introduction to animation. We outline the uses of animation, which include entertainment, education and advertising. Animations can be created using traditional hand-drawn techniques, 2D or 3D computer graphics, stop-motion animation and other techniques. The methods used are determined by the desired style, budget and purpose of the animation. This course goes through the 12 principles of animation that serve as the foundation for all modern animation.

Introduction to DevOps

This course begins by discussing the benefits of DevOps. High performing organizations are twice as likely to exceed their profitability, market share, and productivity goals with DevOps, allowing me to have more room for change and more stability at the same time. With this course, i learnt some of the DevOps practices and load testing. i also learnt about infrastructure as code and how continuous integration has changed over time.

I studied the difference between continuous deployment and release management. There are three stages of deployment namely Development, Staging, and Production. With this course, i learnt to measure how long it takes for someone to approve a stage. Next, i studied the role of agents in DevOps as well as look into advanced DevOps practices, application performance monitoring, availability monitoring, and configuration management. In addition, i also learnt how artefacts can be used in DevOps.

Explainable AI Explained

In this course, I learnt the basics of XAI, as well as the different techniques that can be used to explain the predictions of AI models. I also got familiar with the challenges of XAI and the ethical considerations that need to be taken into account when developing explainable AI systems. I have gained an understanding of the importance of XAI systems and familiarity with various XAI techniques. I also saw how i could apply these techniques to develop an XAI model in the real world.

I began this course with a deep dive into Explainable AI models, covering their importance, types, challenges, and demystifying XAI. Next, and important, I saw how AI models work and how XAI models could be employed to explain this. I also covered some major examples of Explainable AI frameworks. As with all things AI, the use of XAI comes with important ethical considerations, I understood this in great detail as well as carry out XAI projects with these considerations in mind.

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Configure security policies to manage Data 

In this module, I

1. Learn how to classify your data

2. Configure your data retention requirements

Explore data ownership and sovereignty

Digital data always exists in one of three states: at rest, in process, and in transit.

All three states require unique technical solutions for data classification, but the applied principles of data classification should be the same for each. Data that is classified as confidential needs to stay confidential in each state.

Data can also be either structured or unstructured.

Top 5 security items to consider before pushing to production 

Secure your web applications on Azure and protect your apps against the most common and dangerous web application attacks.

In this module, I

1. Use Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

2. Verify your application's inputs and outputs.

3. Store your secrets into Key Vault.

4. Ensure you are using the latest version of your framework, and its security features.

5. Validate that your program dependencies and libraries are safe to use.

Fundamental AI Concepts

AI enables us to build amazing software that can improve health care, enable people to overcome physical disadvantages, empower smart infrastructure, create incredible entertainment experiences, and even save the planet!

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